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Regional Partners

We prioritize sourcing from regional partners whenever the season allows. Here’s a selection of our partners whose products contribute to the unique flavors of our offerings:

Klausmann Eggs

We source eggs from the Klausmann family farm in Obereschach in the Black Forest. In the spacious barn with conservatory, the hens have plenty of space in the fresh air for extensive sand bathing. They also produce their own feed so that transport distances are kept to a minimum.

Biscuits & Pasta from the Pasta House

The Klausmann family also supplies their eggs to the Nudelhaus in Trossingen. This inclusive business takes in and employs people with mental and social difficulties. We buy the biscuits that you enjoy with your afternoon coffee from them, as well as some pasta products. The products are made by hand with a strong focus on regionality.

Fruit, Vegetables & Potatoes from “Binder”

The Binder family at Forchheim am Kaiserstuhl runs the Lindenbrunnenhof organic specialty farm. We source our fruit, vegetables, and potatoes from them. Ottmar Binder, known as the “potato pope,” grows unique varieties like purple potatoes, exemplifying their exceptional quality. Come and see for yourself the exceptional quality of the Binder family’s produce! It goes without saying that we cook with regional and seasonal products and utilise what is currently growing.

Bread & Baked Goods from Unmüßig

Nearby Unmüßig bakery in Hinterzarten has long supplied us with fresh bread and top-quality baked goods, including organic selections.

HofEis from Mundenhof

Our delicious ice cream comes from HofEis in Schallstatt, where they produce ice cream without genetic engineering, artificial colors, or flavor enhancers. They use only milk from the Black Forest, underscoring their commitment to regional sourcing.

Fish & Meat from the Region

Freshwater fish, including trout and salmon varieties, are sourced from the Tress trout farm in Lauchringen.

Wherever possible, we source local game from hunters in the forests of the Black Forest.
We also acquire local game from Black Forest hunters and meat from the Fritz butcher’s shop in Eisenbach, known for processing only regional animals. Only animals from the region are processed here.
Our direct neighbor, the Kesslerhof, occasionally supplies us with veal. Guests can enjoy fresh pasture milk from their milk fountain.

Schwarzwaldmilch (including from Kesslerhof)

Schwarzwaldmilch dairy supplies us with milk from co-operative milk producers. Most of their farms are located in the heart of the unmistakable landscape of the Upper Black Forest with its pastures, mountain meadows and forests. The Black Forest milk producers ensure that the beauty and diversity of this centuries-old cultural landscape is preserved through their farming. Milk from the neighboring Kesslerhof farm is also supplied to Schwarzwaldmilch.

Jam Manufacturer Faller

The Faller jam factory in the Upper Wiesental, Black Forest, now in its third generation, produces high-quality jams. They receive freshly harvested fruit and berries from nearby Kaiserstuhl and Markgräflerland, which are then boiled down into jam in copper pots. Their Baden black cherry jam is particularly renowned.

Black Forest honey

The Pfändler family in Eschbach has transformed their beekeeping hobby into a secondary business. They maintain their own beehives and exclusively sell Black Forest blossom or fir honey. This is depending on the bees’ recent production. We prioritize purchasing this honey for our breakfast buffet whenever it’s available, ensuring our guests enjoy the unique flavors that only locally sourced honey can provide.

Our Own Herb Garden

Mint, nasturtium, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm and many other herbs grow in our herb bed at the edge of our sun terrace and regularly find their way into your evening menu. Our sous-chef, Stefan Weise, personally collects many products such as herbs and mushrooms during his free time, guaranteeing exceptional freshness in every meal we serve! It could hardly be fresher!

Enjoyment with a clear conscience

Savour the culinary temptations that our well-coordinated kitchen team cooks for you every day and find out more about our culinary highlights of the year.

From solar energy to heat recovery

In addition to our close partnerships with regional suppliers, we have even more to discover when it comes to sustainability.