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Full Body Packs in the Floating Bed

Please allow approx. 40 minutes for these packs, including after-rest.

  • Thalgo natural algae full body wrap 75 EUR

    Metabolism-stimulating slimming pack that promotes the maintenance of a healthy body and supplies it with important minerals

  • Curcubita pumpkin pack 59 EUR

    Particularly rich detox and care pack. Has a strong draining and refining effect and is high in trace elements

  • Peat pack 59 EUR

    Activates metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, relaxes cramps

  • Hay pack 59 EUR

    the metabolism is activated, has a detoxifying effect

  • Anti-age apple pack 59 EUR

    The special apple we use has a high content of nutrients and protective substances. These favour skin metabolism and can have a positive influence on maintaining youthful skin

  • Evening primrose oil pack 59 EUR

    Replenishing, cell-activating, revitalising, moisturising

  • Rose blossom pack 59 EUR

    has a mood-enhancing and revitalising effect, nourished and fragrant skin all round

  • Black Forest goat's milk carton 59 EUR

    A balancing, regenerating care pack for dry and sensitive skin

We are happy to shorten the packs from 40 to 30 minutes if you wish. These packs are then €10.00 cheaper.

Let yourself be pampered in our wellness pavilion and make an appointment directly at

Telephone +49 (0) 7652 129-158

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