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Babor Facial Treatments

  • Vital or basic facial care 68/88 EUR

    The intelligent premium system care - perfectly tailored to your skin (55 / 80 min.)
    – Vita Balance: Intensive care for dry skin
    – Calming Sensitive: Soothing for sensitive skin
    – Perfect Combination: For balanced combination skin
    – Age Preventing: Vitality for skin in need of regeneration

  • HSR Lifting - Extra Firming Treatment 108 EUR

    The beauty highlight in a class of its own with a seductive facial massage. Enjoy the special luxury care with an immediately visible lifting effect, comprehensive anti-ageing and a long-term younger appearance. (80 min.)

  • Doctor Babor couperose therapy facial treatment 92 EUR

    Special facial treatment for sensitive, dry and vascularized skin that is prone to redness. This therapy reduces and prevents the appearance of couperose as well as temporary and permanent redness and translucent red veins. (75 min.)

Product information:
Our expert beauticians will be happy to advise you individually during your treatment as to which specific care program you can continue at home!

Let yourself be pampered in our wellness pavilion and make an appointment directly at

Telephone +49 (0) 7652 129-158

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